Get more cover with Cover-More!            

We cover what others don't - injuries sustained in terrorism attacks, civil unrest, natural disasters, lost luggage, travel provider insolvencies*.

If you look at what travel insurance companies don’t cover you will find that many of them will let you down when it comes to major disasters. For example, injuries sustained in terrorist attacks, civil unrest, natural disasters or insolvency of travel service providers* are often not covered. With Cover-More you are on the safe side. Our policies include cover for the above situations^.

Some policies appear to be the same, but it's not until disaster strikes that you really know the value of quality travel insurance. Whilst some others left people stranded, our policies automatically covered customers:

  • Who were stuck in Thailand when Bangkok airports were shut down 

  • Who were caught up in civil unrest in Greece 

  • Whose flights were disrupted by flooding in Fiji 

  • Who were injured in terrorist attacks in Mumbai 

  • Who were affected by an airline going under*

We are committed to providing our customers with quality cover backed by 24 hour emergency assistance and always applying a fair approach to claims.

*Insolvency cover only available on Options and Travelsure plans.**