Rail Journeys


Welcome to our Luxury Rail section. This mode of travel from an era gone by has recently become fashionable again for those travellers looking for a stylish alternative.

Revisit the charm of the thirties on board of the Venice Simplon Orient Express linking France and Italy. Discover Thailand’s heart on board the Eastern and Oriental Express or board the Trans-Siberian Orient Express joining Moscow to Vladivostok in absolute comfort.

Here you will find an inspirational journey filled with glamour and mystique. This is all about the journey rather than the destination.

Blue Train
Weaving a distinctive thread of blue across the tapestry of South Africa's captivating landscape, The Blue Train has become synonymous with the ultimate in luxury and personal service. Luxury takes on a new dimension with The Blue Train with a journey that is defined by personal attention and devotion to detail. Relax as you depart on the 27 hour journey between Cape Town's monolithic Table Mountain and the jacaranda-lined streets of Pretoria
Darjeeling Mail
A 15 day luxury rail tour between Bombay and Calcutta
With a history dating back 5,000 years, India is home to an amazing array of sacred monuments, ancient ruins, Jain Temples and Buddhist stupas.
Eastern Orient Express
This luxurious train offers unique journeys that capture the mystical wonders and cultures of Thailand,
Singapore and Malaysia. From the vibrant cities of Singapore and Bangkok, the scenery unfolds to reveal ancient temples, winding rivers, quaint villages, tropical countryside and jungle terrain.
Golden Eagle Trans Siberian
The longest and the most famous railway journey in the world, the Trans-Siberian Railway traverses the whole expanse of Russia from Europe to the Orient. Few other journeys enable the passenger to relax so completely during their course, and to become lost in the rhythm of the journey as time zones and the urgency to arrive both become meaningless.
Hiram Bingham
The Belmond Hiram Bingham is an exclusive and luxury train. All service included where you will enjoy a full day of unforgettable experiences. to Machu Picchu Peru
Indian Pacific
Travel by rail across the vast continent of Australia.The Indian Pacific gives you two oceans on one of the world's longest and greatest train journeys. From the spectacular Blue Mountains to the treeless plains of The Nullarbor desert.
Rocky Mountaineer
The legendary scenery of Canada's Rocky Mountains awaits as you board The Rocky Mountaineer on one of three 2 Day / 1 Night tours.
Operating between April and October, there are three two-day itineraries to choose from with each journey including an overnight stay in Kamloops, so that you miss none of the breathtaking scenery.
Rovos Rail
A truly world class travel experience awaits when you step aboard The Pride of Africa and begin a journey to Southern Africa's most spectactular destinations.
Royal Scotsman
Join a privileged few on aboard The Royal Scotsman, with a maximum of just 36 guests as you
explore the magnificent scenery of the Scottish Highlands.

Departing from Edinburgh Waverley Station, The Royal Scotsman takes guests straight to the heart of Scotland, passing through glens, lochs and mountains steeped in the lore of characters such as Rob Roy and Bonnie Prince Charles.
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